We are always hiring new actors.  Here are answers to common questions:

What are types of actors are you looking for?  We look for all types of people regardless of gender, race, age, and lifestyle.  We seek to represent the communities we live in.

What requirements are needed to act in stock video?  The most important qualities is confidence in front of a camera, a positive & professional attitude, the ability to work with other actors,  the ability to improvise based upon the director's instructions.

Are actors required to sign a release?  Yes, all actors must complete, sign, witness, and date a model release form prior to the shoot.  Download the model release here.

What can stock video be used for?  It can be used for nearly all commercial uses including (but not limited to) corporate ad campaigns, political campaigns, social & cultural commentary, across all media platforms.

How long can my stock video performances be used and made available for use?  Forever.

How much and  when do I get paid?  The amount depends on the nature and length of the shoot.  This amount will be clearly stated in the casting notice.

Do I get paid royalties every time my work is used in a project?  No. 

Do I provide my own wardrobe?  Yes.  We will clarify our needs in writing and often provide  you with visual examples to go by.

Can I have the footage for my reel?  As a rule, the answer is no.  This is due to legal considerations with Getty Images.  Finished clips of our work together  is available to view in the online portfolio at Getty / iStock usually by two weeks after the shoot.

Will I need to learn a script?  No.  We do not record sound.

Will you take photos also?  Yes.

Were do you advertise for up coming shoots?  We find most of our talent via Backstage,  Dragonukconnects, and like us on Facebook.