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Actors Read This:

Actors Read This:

As I work my way through 750 (and rapidly counting) actor submissions for an upcoming NYC shoot I came to the following two conclusions:

1. The competition for acting gigs is absolutely fierce;

2. Actors can rise above 95% of the competition by doing the following:

Carefully read all the shoot detail provided by the producer. In other words, do not say that you are eager to participate in this "photo shoot" if we are shooting video, etc;

I know it's easy to submit your profile to a job by simply clicking the "submit" button. DON'T DO IT unless you are genuinely suitable for the role, otherwise you are spamming me and wasting my time;

Ask yourself, "do I really want this role?" Never submit for a shoot as a cheap way to boost your ego;

Make sure you are indeed available for the date & time described in the casting call. If you make a commitment, you better be there;

Write a simple introductory sentence to your submission that gives the producer a sense that you've read and understand the the shoot requirements;

Only submit if your online profile is filled out completely and accurately. Saying your age range is 13-100yo, or leaving your weight "unknown" will automatically put you in the trash without another glance;

Never submit to a NYC role if you are based in LA unless the casting call is defined as "Nationwide";

Hire an experienced photographer to create professional headshots. Go for different looks: happy smile showing teeth, confident smile, seductive, stoic, confidence, etc. Change outfits to show variety - everyday look, business professional look, dramatic look, girl/boy next door look, hair up, hair down, etc. Showing previous work is good too -- theatrical shot, movie still, commercial still, modeling gig, runway gig, even a selfie is fine. Show different and interesting character types that suit you well. Keep improving your photos, keep them recent, keep makeup to a minimum (highlighting your best features), and only show your best images;

Always include a full-length body shot. Don't leave it up to the casting director's imagination because they tend to be risk averse;

Finally, as your lead photograph, never open with an Instagram "attitude snap" from your latest night on the town with the guys (see example photo above):

Jimi Hendrix Gets Political

Jimi Hendrix Gets Political